Is a Bookkeeping Course Worth It?

It all boils down to personal goals. If you're venturing into finance or aiming to boost your business know-how, these courses offer valuable skills and knowledge. But if bookkeeping isn't your cup of tea, the investment might not bring as many benefits. Read more to dig deeper.
5 biggest problems with bookkeeping training

The 5 Biggest Problems with Bookkeeping Training

An excellent grasp of double-entry bookkeeping is vital, as it underpins everything in financial accounting. It’s therefore essential that the bookkeeping training you choose is right for you. Here's how to find out.
Accountancy induction and probation periods

The Balancing Act course – invaluable for accountancy induction and probationary periods

The Balancing Act is a fantastic five-day bookkeeping induction course; we know that based on the feedback we regularly receive from employers and employees who have studied the course! However, did you know it is invaluable for accountancy…
Bookkeeping Services

How to successfully promote bookkeeping services for your accountancy firm

Bookkeeping services are a great way to grow your accountancy firm – either using them as a way to attract new clients or to grow revenue from existing clients. This article shows how to successfully add this new revenue stream.

Will The Balancing Act bookkeeping self-study induction course offer a positive ‘Return on Investment’?

This blog is about the costs and benefits of The Balancing Act bookkeeping self-study induction course. It is a blended programme of on-line interactive presentations and learning materials and a hard copy workbook that allows one to apply that…
The Balancing Act Course

Use The Balancing Act course end test as a carrot not a stick

If the focus is on the stick and on failure, then the probability is that one will visualise that failure. Even if one wants to avoid that failure, visualising it will mean the focus is on failure and the ingredients of that failure. Is our goal to fail? No. It is to succeed. Should we not, therefore, focus on success?
Prue Deane

Prue Deane’s Story

All was going well until computers came in, which took away virtually all of the illustration work. My agent went bust and then there was the economic downturn. I moved back down to Devon and with a young family in tow, desperately needed to find a reliable full-time income, so I re-trained...

Learning double entry bookkeeping is like learning to swim!  

Developing accounting trainees involves ensuring that they work their way through loads of bookkeeping activities, step by step. They mustn’t worry about getting it wrong to start with. “If you don’t risk sinking, you’ll never learn to swim”.
Simon Deane

Developing accountancy trainees: Simon Deane’s Story

So how did I, Simon Deane end up being both a Chartered Accountant and an accountancy teacher? Check out this article to find out..
Qualifications to be an Accountant

What qualifications do you need to be an accountant in the UK?

This article highlights what qualifications you need to be an accountant in the UK and the different routes you can take to achieve these qualifications. In most cases your career development, earning potential and overall knowledge and experience will be significantly improved if you successfully complete the relevant accounting exams, read more to get going..