The Five-Day Bookkeeping Self-Study Induction Programme

Introducing The Balancing Act – a bookkeeping course to develop great accounting trainees with the right attitude and aptitude for less time and money.

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The Five-Day Bookkeeping Self-Study Induction Programme

A bookkeeping course to develop great accounting trainees with the right attitude and aptitude for less time and money with The Balancing Act.

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Develop great accounting trainees with the right attitude and aptitude for less time and money with The Balancing Act.

Hands-off training and testing: We’ll take your recruit through a full bookkeeping training programme (from the Daybooks through to the Balance Sheet and P&L account). At the end of the course, there is a test that will give you complete clarity on your recruit’s aptitude for a career in accounting and how ready they are to get cracking on chargeable work.

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Why choose The Balancing Act?

Watch our video to see how we can save you time and money

  • An award-winning, accredited AAT course provider

  • Written and designed by Accountants for Accountants

  • Train your new accounts staff within a week

Common problems with accountancy recruitment

I struggled to get entry level team members productive in a reasonable time

‘Being unable to have new staff get to grips with double entry bookkeeping quickly was hurting our profitability as an accountancy practice.’

More experienced staff were getting caught up in training and assessment rather than doing client work.

We have the solution

The Balancing Act is an innovative self-study bookkeeping course that combines online learning with practical hard-copy activities.

The online element contains 26 ‘step by step’ interactive presentations with voiceovers. It also includes 26 interactive, automatically marked, quizzes to check learning.

The offline element follows a single case study and consists of 43 practical bookkeeping activities along with answers and is all posted out to you in a smart ring binder.

There is also an end of course assessment, with mark scheme, for employers to assess students bookkeeping skills (some clients set a minimum mark requirement as part of their recruitment process).

Highly engaging narrated online video presentations and online quizzes to check understanding. PDF transcripts are also available.

Our hard copy learning pack creates a richer learning experience as students see their workings and make notes as they go.

Get The Balancing Act bookkeeping course free as part of our apprenticeship programme

If your student is enrolled on one of our apprenticeship programmes we would provide The Balancing Act bookkeeping course as part of that programme, if relevant, at no cost to you. For further information on our apprenticeship programmes please click here or contact us.

Our clients

We have a proven track record of training accountants since 1992.

Our awards

The Balancing Act was created by the team at Accountancy Learning which is an Award-winning AAT approved training provider.

A bookkeeping course designed for your Accountancy Firm

The Balancing Act bookkeeping course is the most efficient way to induct and train new recruits in accountancy practice. The course is self-study and combines all-important hard copy, practical exercises with online aspects. It will provide a solid foundation, usually taken in week one of an employees work with the firm. It will also provide the training manager with a clear idea of the employees’ abilities and aptitude for accountancy.

Use this powerful bookkeeping course as a recruitment tool

The Balancing Act bookkeeping course is designed to assist with recruitment as it contains a Bookkeeping Aptitude Test which is a useful test of ability. The Balancing Act bookkeeping course as a whole may also be used to screen new employees to find out quickly if there are any major issues which make them unsuitable candidates to go further with the firm.


We will be buying a Birch, Alder or other indigenous tree at Stone Lane Gardens for every copy of The Balancing Act sold. We have already sponsored our first 100 trees. Stone Lane Gardens is a spectacular 5 acre woodland and water garden on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, that enchants and inspires in every season, famous for National Collections of Birch and Alder trees.

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