So how does The Balancing Act Bookkeeping course work, and what are the key benefits?

There are so many bookkeeping courses out there (of all shapes and sizes!) that it can be difficult to decide upon one that will truly provide your new accounting trainees with the knowledge and skills needed to flourish within your finance team – and quickly!

The benchmark entry accounting qualification that employers generally look for is AAT (and we’ve delivered this qualification to thousands of students, and still do). However, it does take a while to achieve the qualification and if you want to get a new member of the finance team up and running quickly, our The Balancing Act bookkeeping course can do this in as little as 5 days.

The Balancing Act bookkeeping course

The beauty of The Balancing Act bookkeeping course is that it combines engaging online learning materials with a hard copy workbook. The workbook is based on a single case study, making it as close to ‘real life’ as you can get it! We haven’t found anything close to this currently on the market.

Here’s what it includes:

Online Learning Materials – study bookkeeping at your own pace

There are 26 modules in the course, starting with an ‘Introduction to Business’ session, followed by 4 basic bookkeeping sessions to introduce students to the ‘double entry concept’ (duel effect) – ideal for those who are brand new to bookkeeping.

Excerpt from The Balancing Act course
  • 26 modules, each with an interactive online narrated video presentation
  • Each module includes a pdf transcript and an online quiz to test learning
Excerpt from The Balancing Act course

Hard Copy Workbook – to test your bookkeeping knowledge

Alongside the 26 online modules, there is a comprehensive hard copy folder of 43 practical activities which will thoroughly test your new recruit’s knowledge.

As previously mentioned, the unique aspect of this is that all the activities are based on a single case study (i.e. a fictitious company that records its accounting transactions from initial customer and supplier invoices all the way through to preparation of the financial statements). As each activity follows on from the previous one, we have provided a separate answer booklet for your trainee to check their answers as they go along – this is essential as any mistakes made early on will follow all the way through to the end, just as they would in real life!

At the end of the course, there is a 24 page Progress Test for your trainee to complete – this is a truly excellent way of checking they have fully grasped the subject matter. Don’t worry, the Progress Test comes with a mark scheme so that you can mark it yourself with ease (or we can mark it for you).

Example from The Balancing Act workbook

Get Started with The Balancing Act bookkeeping course TODAY!

1.Immediately after purchasing The Balancing Act (TBA), which you can do here:

2. We will ask for the names and email addresses of your trainees.

3. We will email them log in details for the online element of the course within 24 working hours. (If you prefer, we can send this email to you, so you can forward it to your trainees when you want them to start.)

4. Students can start studying online as soon as they have received their log in details.  In the tool bar they simply click on My courses and then The Balancing Act in the drop-down box:

How to access The Balancing Act

5. This will take them to the course page which is set out in a linear format – very easy to follow on a step-by-step basis. There are guidance notes along the way to make sure they don’t get lost!

6. On purchasing the course, we will also dispatch The Balancing Act workbook to the address you have provided. The workbook should arrive within 2 working days, although we can probably arrange this more quickly if you are desperate! However, the student has plenty to get through on the on-line course first, before they are ready for the first workbook activity.

7. We will email you the end of course test so that you can issue it to your student once they have completed their on-line learning and the hard copy workbook.

8. Unless you have arranged with us to mark the end of course assessment for you, we will also send you the model answers, which includes the marking scheme.

Getting the most out of The Balancing Act bookkeeping course

Although we recognise that completing the The Balancing Act as part of a 3 month probationary period is a useful “assessment” tool before offering a full time contract (and possibly an apprenticeship), we do feel that a firm will benefit most from the programme if they get their new recruits to complete The Balancing Act over the space of one to two weeks. In this way, the firm can identify a new recruit’s aptitude for a career in accountancy and also get them up and running by the end of that one or two weeks.

Where new recruits are required to complete the course in 5 – 10 days, they HAVE to work at it – and do. If they simply don’t “get it”, it is better to know early, so the business doesn’t take months and months over deciding to “let them go”, saving time and cost and the student an awful lot of heartache. Leaving within 2 weeks of joining an organisation gives them a chance to get another job quickly, without a blip on their CV.

If you’d like more information on how The Balancing Act works, please click here.

Andrew Price uses The Balancing Act bookkeeping course to get entry level team members as productive as possible in a short period of time

One of our clients has been using The Balancing Act for well over 10 years and they have probably only had to “let go” 4 students – all of whom were given another week to rework the course and all of whom still didn’t get it and realised it wasn’t the career for them.

“We’ve found no better way than The Balancing Act to be able to get people confident with the core underlying accounting principles and processes.  It’s comprehensive and highly practical with the added benefit of testing to support the learning process.  Even with software like Xero, you need to be able to understand the accounting that goes on within it to ensure it’s used correctly.

The Balancing Act is one of the best ways I’ve seen to get entry level team members as productive as possible in a short period of time, freeing up your more experienced staff to do client work.”

Andrew Price, Director
Andrew Price & Co Chartered Accountants

Get The Balancing Act bookkeeping course today!

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, friendly, and reliable provider for your bookkeeping training, then look no further. The Balancing Act bookkeeping course has been designed to be a fast and cost-effective way to train new accounting staff.

It minimises the impact on your internal resources and ensures efficient training is provided to new recruits during the first week of their employment with you.

If you’re still a little unsure whether The Balancing Act bookkeeping course fits the bill, do head over to our pricing page where we discuss:

  • The cost benefits (try out our ‘Internal Training Cost’ calculator!)
  • Who The Balancing Act bookkeeping course is for
  • Who The Balancing Act bookkeeping course is NOT for, and
  • Our ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ promise

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